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Puerto Peñasco, Sonora , 31° 17′ 28. 13″ N ; 113° 29′ 46. 39″ W or AKA as Rocky Point, is the home of PenascoHandyman.com

For all your Satellite Internet, home/RV/condo or business repair and service or maintenance needs you can count on us.  Honesty, Integrity, Quality and outstanding customer service are the hallmarks of our business.  Our service coverage area includes Cholla Bay, Sandy Beach, the Mirador,  Las Conchas, Estero Morua, Playa La Jolla, Playa Encanto, and Playa Miramar.

As of March 2017 we are now selling, installing and servicing Satellite Internet access in Puerto Penasco!  Satellite Internet is much more stable than either Telmex or Megacable and the speeds are much faster.  Download speeds range from 12 Mbps-30 Mbps depending on which plan you choose.  All plans include unlimited data.

You will also be assigned a USA IP address so if you need to VPN into your office in the states or use your Netflix account this will no longer be a problem. VOIP and webinars work great over Satellite so turn that 2 day weekend into a 3 or 4 day weekend!

So if your tired of having a flaky and slow Internet connection contact us today!

The desert and ocean environment in Puerto Penasco can wreak havoc on about everything exposed to the elements, from that outdoor water pump to garage doors to outdoor light fixtures and plumbing and electrical or even that nice shiny new quad or jet ski/personal watercraft or sand toy.  If it is broken and needs to be fixed or parts need to be replaced, one call to us and it will be taken care of correctly, on time and on budget.  We provide free estimates and all of our work is guaranteed!

We look forward to becoming your “go to” resource for any all of your repair/service and maintenance needs in Puerto Penasco.  We will be regularly adding new and cool things to the site so come back for a visit now and again.

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